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SoundLinks provides training on all aspects of using software for recording, editing and mixing audio, using programmes such as SoundForge, Adobe Audition, Goldwave and Sonar, as well as music sequencing, score editing and Braille transcription, using Sibelius or GoodFeel.

Training is tailored to meet your particular needs, so we start by finding out what it is you want to achieve, and which aspects of the software will be most relevant for you.

The range of possible uses is so wide, from school or college settings where it may be used for class-work and special interest, to recording your own music for pleasure, helping take part in local groups or choirs, to advanced studio work, composition or performance.

The possibilities really are endless and usually unfamiliar, and this is why, rather than a long, comprehensive and perhaps incomprehensible list of options, we recommend that you talk to SoundLinks to determine just what it is that you need from music technology, and we'll suggest a plan.

Contacting SoundLinks

For further information, email SoundLinks or contact:

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