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SoundLinks also maintains close links with BCAB, the British Computer Association of the Blind, an organisation of and for blind people who use or work with information and communications technology.

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SoundLinks: Sound Solutions linking People with Information

Sound Links

These are sites which we find especially useful, with a brief description for each link:

The Empowerment Zone
A very comprehensive collection of documentation in text format, with a growing range of other resources for empowerment and autonomy, maintained by Jamal Mazrui.

Win Guide
The home page and collected wisdom of Sarah Morley, writer of the remarkable "Window Concepts" and "Windows 98 and XP Explained" books, which present the GUI in non-visual terms that make sense to visually impaired people. Includes Windows training resources.

A comprehensive collection of speech-friendly utilities and resources.

Project Gutenberg
The growing collection of complete books for download in text format.

ACB Radio
The first international internet radio station specially for blind people, including streams on access technology, advocacy, music and general interest.

The Accessible Friends Network
A friendly self-help and information sharing network of people interested in using access technology to enhance all aspects of life.

Sue's Kitchen
A collection of resources and recipes for blind and partially sighted people interested in cooking.

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